Allant’s OneTouch Developer API Toolkit

Our library of OneTouch APIs provides developers (and their apps!!) with the opportunity to interact with many of the services Allant leverages to cleanse and enhance consumer and business data of varying degrees of completeness. Harnessing the breadth and depth of our OneTouch data lake containing more than 600 million records with over 2000 attributes, these APIs coupled with our proprietary pipeline methodology deliver the data your apps need in real-time.

Getting Started…

We will provide you with a Free Trial Authorization Key for a limited number of test requests. Upon receipt of the Authorization Key, click the "Authorize" button found on the right portion of the screen, just above the first set of APIs. A pop-up screen will appear and you will place the API key into the “Value” field. Close the window by clicking the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the pop-up window. Avoid clicking “Logout”, as it serves to reverse the authorization process once you have finished browsing our catalog of APIs.

Note: The URLs provided below are for testing purposes, secure, client-specific URLs will be provided for production usage.